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BALKAN TRAFIK contributes to local projects with positive impacts. Check this out !

Below, discover all the projects supported by the festival. It is also on this page that you will find information on their evolution.

Hedge and biodiversity in Gembloux at Léon and Noëlla’s farm

For this project, 460 meters of hedges (double row) have been planted at Ferme Delcourt. It is about 1300 plants. Everything was thought to create habitats as fauna mobility and food ressources.

Balkan Trafik contribution in 2023 : 39 meters of hedge. It means 4.58 tCO2 sequestred in 20 years (8.5 % of the project).

A grazed hazelnut orchard in Fosses-La-Ville

Quentin Ledoux is the founder of the Ferme du coin² in Fosses-La-Ville. On his family farm, he combines animal husbandry and fruit growing according to an organic production model that respects the environment. Quentin is a breeder of ducks, sheep and cows, in organic farming and in the open air. It offers quality food in a short circuit.

On 1 hectare, Quentin planted 4 rows of 65 hazelnut trees (260 hazelnut trees). A real pilot project, probably a unique model currently in Belgium.

Balkan Trafik contribution in 2022 : 53 hazelnut trees (20% of the project).

A diversified orchard with old varieties in Gourdinne

Panier Culture is a family producers of local vegetables which contributes to the short food route of Charleroi Metropole. In 2022, 10 years after their adventure begins, the long-awaited project really happens : fruit trees have been planted to provide different resources in their production but more over, benefits for the direct environment (fauna, flora, soil and water quality).

Orchard planting - December 2022
Orchard planting – Winter 2022 © PlantC.

Balkan Trafik contribution in 2022 : 10 fruit trees (20% of the project).

Reforestation in Stoumont

This is sanitary reforestation after total windthrow following occasional deforestation due to bark beetle attacks. This program aimed to support 2,000 trees on 1 hectare. Three species were planted: 1462 spruces (Picea abies), 385 Douglas firs (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and 154 birches (Betula sp.).

Reforested plot in Stoumont
Reforested plot in Stoumont. Here a picture during our visits in summer 2022. © PlantC.

Balkan Trafik contribution in 2022 : 349 trees. It means 41,33 tons of CO2 sequestred in 30 ans (17% of the project)

65 fruit trees and shade for cows in Serinchamps

65 fruit trees of old varieties, with zero treatment were planted in this farm at the end of November 2021. Benefits for biodiversity. local production of fruits but most of all, Vincent wanted to protect his cows from heat, as trees provide shadow.

Vincent and his cows, at Serinchamps. He holds a planted fruit tree in his hand. It was during a visit of PlantC (winter 2022). © François Bouyerie, PlantC.

Balkan Trafik contribution in 2021 : 7 fruit trees (10% of the project).

Reforestation in Roly

In Roly, 5 species have been planted over 3 hectares: Red oak, Chestnut, Scots pine, Douglas fir and European larch. These species will replace a monoculture of spruces destroyed by the bark beetle and provide forest diversification.

Checking plantation in Roly
Survival rate verification in Roly, a few months after plantation (Summer 2021) (© PlantC).

Balkan Trafik contribution in 2021 : 1.778 trees. It means 207,11 tons of CO2 sequestred in 30 years (30% of the project).

2.7 hectares developed for biodiversity in Perwez

Here in Perwez, it was a question of supporting a plantation in favor of the ecological network of the rural plains of Hesbaye with this herbeous species called “Miscanthus“. This project helps also a agricultural scientific research process of interest for the territory.

Planting status - Fall 2022
Plantation growth after 1 year – Automun 2022 © PlantC.

Balkan Trafik contribution in 2021 : 308 Miscanthus seedling, It means 21,54 tons of CO2 sequestred in 20 years (15% of the project).